Adam S. Olsen- Washington, D.C.
February 12, 2024

Working into its scheduled recess, the Senate voted Sunday for the third time in the past week to advance funding for Ukraine and Israel despite strong opposition from conservative Republicans who balked at the package not including a House-passed bill to tighten the southern border and questioned the end game for the war in Ukraine.  The Senate voted 67-27 Sunday afternoon to move the $95.3 billion package another step toward final passage, assembling in the chamber shortly before the Super Bowl kickoff.  Senators voted to advance the funding package after a procedural motion offered by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) to amend the package failed.  The package includes $60 billion for Ukraine; $14 billion in security assistance for Israel; $9 billion in humanitarian assistance for Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine; and $4.8 billion to support allies in the Indo-Pacific. It was stripped of border provisions last week after conservatives objected to a bipartisan border deal.  It is still not clear when a final passage vote will take place, but it is expected at some point this week absent a time agreement.  If the bill is eventually passed by the Senate, it would next go to the House, where it faces an uncertain fate. It’s unclear when or if Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) would hold a vote on it, as many House Republicans are opposed to further aid to Ukraine.

The Senate convened today at 12:00 P.M. and while conversations continue on a path forward to complete the funding  bill, additional roll call votes are expected during Monday’s session.

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 2:00 P.M. for legislative business with postponed until 6:30 P.M.

Adam S. Olsen, Washington, D.C.