Sconset Strategies, L.L.C. has a strategic partnership with top Republican firm CGCN Group which offers clients seamless bipartisan bicameral coverage in Washington, D.C.

Sconset Strategies, LLC brings a broad array of lobbying and advocacy experience to bear on behalf of our clients’ particular goals. Our clients include large public companies, major investment funds, stakeholder coalitions, and trade associations. We operate in multiple regulated sectors including Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications, and Transportation & Infrastructure.



We seamlessly bridge the divide between Wall Street and Washington and provide real time intelligence to the Wall Street hedge fund and investment community. Our comprehensive services include general daily political intelligence, as well as highly focused engagement on particular pieces of legislation, including actual bills pending in Congress, as well as potential policy on the horizon and long term legislative forecasting. Sconset Strategies, LLC clients enjoy daily and hourly reports that provide detailed and accurate information on the current state of play in Washington. Our up-to-date intelligence is only possible because we have successfully fostered an unparalleled network of bipartisan relationships within both chambers of Congress and the Administration. Those invaluable relationships, coupled with our contacts at numerous think tanks, interest groups, and other advocacy firms, enable Sconset Strategies, LLC to provide our clients with the timely, reliable information they need to stay on the leading edge of policy-making.


Sconset Strategies, LLC serves as both a gatekeeper and an ambassador for our clients. We offer unrivaled access to substantive relationships with the key players in Washington, and a willingness to put those relationships to work for our clients. From U.S. Senators, Representatives and Administration officials, to legislative staff and the staff that actually put the meetings together, Sconset Strategies, LLC has the relationships necessary to get information from, intelligence about, and access to the people our clients need to see for their business.


Success in modern politics requires effective coalition building. Sconset Strategies, LLC connects our clients with organizations that share common goals. The result is alliances that are stronger than the sum of their parts, allowing our clients to exert greater influence over the policy discussions that matter to them.


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